The Let Your Voice Be Heard Foundation, Inc.

A non-profit advocacy & resource organization for sexual abuse survivors. 

What is The Let Your Voice Be Heard Foundation (LYVBH)?

LYVBH is a grassroots advocacy organization dedicated to actively breaking the silence surrounding sexual abuse, providing resources to survivors with an emphasis on combating child sexual abuse, and uplifting survivors and encouraging them to raise their voices.

When and why was LYVBH founded?

In 2013 Let Your Voice Be Heard was created by esteemed author and child sexual abuse survivor, Kenni York in Atlanta, Georgia. The initiative started off as a creative way to get survivors to speak up, educate the community about sexual abuse, and raise funds for Atlanta area organizations to provide support to sexual abuse survivors. Over time, we've grown from being JUST an annual event, to working to fulfill an obvious void in the community: actively breaking the silence within our neighborhoods 365 days of the year. 

As such, in 2017, The Let Your Voice Be Heard Foundation, Incorporated became established as a non-profit organization in Georgia. We are dedicated to spearheading community initiatives to help take back our communities, protect and encourage our children, as well as directly provide resources to sexual abuse survivors. Our programming includes the operation of a 24 hour advice hotline EXCLUSIVELY for sexual abuse victims, providing materials to various organizations in education of sexual abuse, promoting our TALK BACK program in which we go into various settings to speak to our youth straight-up, on their level(s) about sexual abuse, providing training for organizations about sexual abuse, how to identify it, and how to assist victims, as well as facilitating workshops and counseling sessions for survivors.


The Let Your Voice Be Heard Foundation, Inc wholeheartedly supports the efforts of the Black Lives Matter movement. Our agency stands on its belief in equality and justice. Board members are individually participatory in raising our voices against racism and injustice. We support the Black Community and are servants in the efforts to end police...

The Let Your Voice Be Heard Foundation, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of our ultimate women's empowerment symposium: Girl, Get Your Life. Scheduled for November 23, 2019, Girl, Get Your Life is intended to uplift, encourage, and provide resources to promote thriving in all areas of a woman's life. Women are the essence of life. Many women...