June 24, 2022


DECATUR, GA- Today's Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe vs Wade is undeniably a setback and a concerted effort to infringe upon the rights of women. The Let Your Voice Be Heard Foundation Inc. stands firmly on its support of and efforts to ensure and advocate for women's rights including their mental, physical, reproductive, sexual and emotional safety. Members of our staff are actively engaged and dedicated to assuring that the sexual assault survivors we serve are afforded empathy, armed with information, and guided with their best interests in mind.

We understand the intersectionality of social injustice. It is evident that this current decision is the precipice for sought-after rollbacks of constitutional rights which will negatively affect the lives of minorities such as members of the LGBTQ+ community. LYVBH intends to stand behind marginalized communities and lend our support to advocating for their rights. Board members of LYVBH are proud standing members of organizations such as the American Counseling Association's Counselors for Social Justice Division. It is our goal to utilize such platforms to further advocate for women's rights and demand legislative change that protects the mental and physical health of women. We cannot allow this assault on reproductive rights to go unanswered. Today's decision is not an end to the fight for justice and does not singularly impact women. Yet, it is a call to action for the joint efforts of ALL to ensure that the freedoms, protections, and rights of minority community members are safeguarded. We implore our supporters to standby for continued opportunities to serve, advocate, and implement change.

We ask that if you have not already registered to vote, that you make this a primary concern. As a nation we give away our power when we do not frequent the polls and do not show up for our sisters and brothers with regards to decisions that ultimately impact us all. We gain nothing by adopting laissez faire standpoints about the legislative system versus demanding that the system considers and be fairly applied to the lives of all and not just the privileged majority. We stand on the importance of letting your voice be heard and that creed surpasses our work in the sexual assault awareness community extending to all underserved communities burdened constantly by social and political injustice.