C.E.O of The Let Your Voice Be Heard Foundation, Multiple Award Nominee


The Let Your Voice Be Heard Foundation, Inc. is pleased to announce the 2018 award nominations for our esteemed founder and C.E.O.  Kenni York has humbly been nominated for Achi Magazine's Author of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, and Community Leader of the Year for her tireless efforts in spearheading advocacy efforts throughout Atlanta to combat sexual violence and raise awareness. Additionally, she has been nominated for a 2018 Women's History in the Making Award for her community leadership. Our organization is proud of the work she has done and the dedication she's shown in trying to help others overcome sexual abuse.  To support our founder and the organization, please visit the following sites to secure tickets to the award banquets.  A win at either event constitutes a win for the greater good of making a difference in the lives of survivors everywhere!

Achi Awards Tickets                Women's History in the Making Awards Gala